Oceanside Medical

A Concierge Medical Practice


We invite you to join our family medical practice on Hutchinson Island at 10873 South Ocean Drive.

Our mission is to provide expert, compassionate medical care in a confidential private practice setting.

We are different. We see fewer patients per hour to allow time for full communication between physician, patient and family. We take time to discuss diagnosis and treatment options. We are not pressured by Insurance requirements to see many patients in a short period of time.


John Hayes MD ABFP has practiced medicine for almost 40 years. He graduated from NUI in Ireland. He has practiced in Britain, Australia, Canada and the US. He is board certified in Family Practice in the US - serving at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC before coming to Florida. He is wise enough to take time to listen to his patients and treat them gently and well. He is now in private practice on Hutchinson Island - at a slow relaxed pace!


Oceanside Medical Services Include:

Private Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Home visits on request.

Vaccinations and Immunizations.

Skin lesions, Lacerations and Wound Care.

Geriatric care - including family consultation at patient request.

Diagnostic services include blood and urine testing and Interpretive EKGs for cardiac care.

Local specialist selection and referral whenever required.

Associated with Oceanside Rejuvenation Center for advanced health and beauty care.

Hotel Services provided to registered guests on request.


May you have warm words on a cold evening,

A full moon on a dark night,

And the road downhill all the way to your door.

Physician House Call

(772) 293-9878